USP – Unique Selling Proposition: We link our USP’s directly with the Value Proposition bridging the gap between the consumer and the manufacturer.

Apex Trust Factor

      • ● Decades of Experience in the safety matches industry
        ● A Financially strong company with a Credit Rating of MSE 3+ which is accredited by globally known rating company “CRISIL”. This Credit Rating Information Services of India Limited helps the investors to access the right financier which has the least credit risk.
        ● We are an ISO 9001 certified company from 2012.
        ● We have a process centric 5 stage quality inspection procedure very unique in the industry.

Product Market Fit

      • ● “RP Square” is our motto (Right Product Right Price).
        ● Product suggestion for specific markets is derived from extensive Market Research.

Quicker Delivery to Warehouse

  • ● Choosing the right liners with shortest transit time with reasonable cost.
    ● Continuous monitoring in production to enable quicker supply times.
    ● “Alliance – Order Tracker” that enables the customer to track their current status of their order and also have access to all documents and reports including Quality verifications.