Apex is promoted by 7 manufacturers with 60 years of experience in Safety match manufacturing. Apex has 15 years of practical experience in exporting safety matches to over 30 countries in Africa, Latin America, Eurasia and Oceania.
We offer best delivery times in Industry by choosing the easiest route with most effective pricing with our logistical knowledge. We are rated SME3 by renowned credit rating agency Crisil. We are also a ISO and 5S certified company.

Digitized Robust customer support system

  •     We have a software driven order tracking system.
  •     24/7 customer support and in any preferred mode of communication.

Offering Product Market Fit

  •     We do extensive market research to understand the product suitability.
  •     We offer more than 10 plus variants of products to choose for the market.


Consistent Product Every Time

  •     We use standard raw material for every order.
  •     We maintain consistency through unique 5 Stage Inspection process.